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Donations funds will be used to purchase medication, home medical kits, text books , bread fruit porridge for the school and higher  level care .

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CIHaiti school lunch and me 1 Nov 2017
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19A4222-First Aid Training

Medications & Supplies

For $50 you can purchase a home medical kit for a family. For $100 you can provide a Village Health Worker with a medical kit. For $35 you can purchase a medical text book for a family or community volunteer. You can also support a medical mission trip that serves about 850 children, providing them with medication,vitamins, flouride varnish and deworming pills during their physical.


Higher Level Care Fund

This fund will be used to pay for specialized testing and hospital care deemed necessary by a nurse or doctor as well as the transportation costs for the patient.

Please use the PayPal button and not the drop down menu for credit or debit cards. The PayPal site will allow you to donate with a card as a guest. Thank You
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