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CI Haiti is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and medical purposes . No part of the net earnings of The Chounelleca Initiative shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributeable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons.

Deborah Marrington CRNP

Founder and Current Board Director, CIHaiti

As a Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, promoting the health of children has been my life's work. As a mother I understand the need to care for and nurture your child when ill. Community Health Programs, like CI Haiti, give parents the knowledge and ability to comfort their children and help them heal. It is our dream that no child living in poverty perish from a treatable disease. Managing health and having access to care is a basic right for all parents and children so they are able to play, love and learn without  the burden of illness.  Please join us and make a difference .

Margery Schonfeld MD

Current Board Director, CIHaiti

As a pediatrician, I have dedicated my life to providing healthcare to children. What makes CI Haiti special is our mission to empower the community in addressing thier health needs.  I love working with the people on our team and collaborating with our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Peter Hewitt

Current Board Director, CIHaiti

Freelance photographer with passions for landscape, documentary, and fine art printing. Lots of great photo ops in Haiti! What really makes Haiti special are its people. They retain hope in the face of things that those of us living in developed countries could not imagine. The intent of our efforts are to empower people through education to enable them to improve their health, and in doing so, improve the quality of life. The challenges faced here are to overcome language barriers and continue to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Sean McArdle

Current Board Director, CIHaiti

Life in Haiti is hard. It is a pleasure to share the mission experience with such caring people. To bring a smile or make just one persons life better is enough.When I am able to share their life of despair, if only for a week here and there, I am at Peace and it gives me great Joy.

Tom Kerest

Current Board Director, CIHaiti

“When you come to Haiti, expect surprises.” Fr. Andrew Labatorio CICM, Pastor St. Simon St. Jude Parish, Port au Prince, Haiti.  I initially went to Haiti purposely to serve the poorest of the poor that could not give anything in return. What I found was that my gift to them fell woefully short of the gifts I had received. Their demonstration of faith, love & constant hope serves as a daily reminder of all that is truly important in life. My CI Haiti friends share my passion & gratitude for the great people of Haiti.

Kelly Unger

Current Board Director, CIHaiti

As a farm to table chef, I am always concerned about people's health through the lens of food.  It is a privilege to be able to make a positive difference in the lives of the Haitian people in a holistic way and to do that as part of the amazing team that is CIHaiti. I truly love our team members and the Haitian people. The Haitian penchant for resilience is nothing short of remarkable.

Julie Lafferty

Current Board Director, CIHaiti

I went to Haiti in the fall of 2014, not knowing what to expect.  I fell in love with Haiti and the people the moment I saw them smile.  Their hearts are genuine, their smiles are real, they are thankful for you and the list goes on.  I left Haiti that week wondering when could I go back. They taught me as much as I taught them.  There is a power in Haiti and I want everyone to know how amazing this little country is.

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CIHaiti school lunch and me 1 Nov 2017
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