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Great November Trip

We had such a productive trip to Haiti this November !

1.We performed physicals on nearly 800 children and saw some acutely ill children in the community.

2. We applied Silver Diamine Fluoride to the teeth for cavity cessation and protection on 600 children.

3. We distributed 35 more bread fruit trees for planting in the community .

4. Kelly taught 7 women and the cooks at the school how to make bread fruit porridge and banana bread fruit bread.

5. We built a wood shop that will serve as the means to make drying sheds for turning bread fruit into a flour.

6. Our team repaired the roof of a home damaged in the hurricane.

7. Taught a class to our 23 health care volunteers.

8. Refilled hypertension medication .

9. The school children are getting bread fruit porridge twice a week instead of white rice.

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